Madison County Recording Index Search Instructions

Currently indexes are available for the following document types and date ranges:

Land Records – 1971 to present
Marriage Licenses – 1976 to present

Military – 1976 to present




Your search resulted in more than 1000 records. Please narrow your search criteria.


In the event you receive a message like the one above you will be required to narrow your search criteria.First try keying an entire name (for example, enter SMITH WILLIAM E instead of SMITH W).If you still get the message, then narrow the date range for your search (for example, if you were searching for 6 years, search for fewer years or search only one year at a time).IF YOU DO NOT NARROW YOUR SEARCH CRITERIA, you may not get to view complete search results.


Instructions for Searches on various tabs:

General | Instrument | Book & Page | Document Type | Legal | Copies of Documents



This tab should be used for searches when the name of the party is known.You should narrow your search criteria by entering a date range and/or selecting specific document types from the Document Type Tree (located on the right side of the search screen).

When searching by name you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Searching by name for documents filed prior to April 18, 2004, you must enter the entire name in the LAST NAME field.Please enter the Last name followed by the first name and initial (do not use any punctuation between names).
  2. Searching by name for documents filed April 18, 2004 and later, you must enter the last name in the LAST NAME field, the first name in the FIRST NAME field. **
  3. When searching by a business or company name, the entire name should be entered in the LAST NAME field. *

NOTE: Madison County employs the use of some standard abbreviations in the indexing process, i.e.Co = Company, Inc = Incorporated, Corp = Corporation, Mtg = Mortgage, etc.However, some older document indexes may require you to enter the name EXACTLY as it was entered originally so you may have to try a couple of different versions of the name if your first attempt is not successful.

* NOTE: When searching for a business which has a name which is initials (i.e. KJS Inc.) Please enter your inquiry as a K (space) J (space) S Inc.

** NOTE: Jr. or Sr. would be entered after the first name.

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This tab should be used for searches when the required document(s) recording date or document number is known.Documents filed with our office after April 18, 2004 are issued a unique instrument number with the following format:


YYYY is the year the document was filed.


MM is the month the document was filed.


DD is the day the document was filed.


NNNNNNNN is the sequential number issued by the system.


N the last number will always be zero unless a document has been inserted.

Documents filed prior to April 18, 2004 were issued a reception number that begins with an alpha character followed by 7 numeric characters.If you wish to do a search by Reception Number you should use the Book & Page tab.

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This tab should be used when doing a search by either a Book and Page number or Reception Number.Book number should be entered in the BOOK field and Page number should be entered in the PAGE field.If you wish to search by a Reception Number, this should be entered in the FILE NUM field.

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This tab should be used for simple searches by date ranges and document type.You can also request a search of “Unverified” documents only (documents that have been filed in our office, but have not gone through the complete verification process after recordation).

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This tab should be used when doing a search by the property’s legal description.To search by legal description for documents filed after April 18, 2004, enter Lot, Block, Section, etc. in the appropriate fields.To search by legal description on documents filed prior to April 18, 2004 choose FREEFORM in the SELECT TYPE field and enter the legal description in the freeform field.

Some records also have street addresses included in the information.Searches can be attempted by entering the street address in the OTHER field on this screen, but results of a street address search may vary.

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Copies of documents are available for purchase in our office during our normal business hours.At our offices, images are available on our computers from July 15, 1994 to current.Microfilm or microfiche copies are available for documents filed prior to July 15, 1994 back to 1902. Our staff will assist you with locating and purchasing document images while you are in our office.

Certified copies of documents are also available for a fee.

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